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Mum Talk

Oct 30, 2019

How I have got this podcast up in time with little A ill I don’t know, but I am so pleased I have managed because it is brilliantly informative! This week I am chatting with Dr Christina Schelletter an expert in bilingual acquisition, bilingual processing and language disorders. 

Christina has published many research papers (one I attempted to read and swiftly couldn’t understand) but also has a ‘Introduction to Bilingualism’ book coming out very soon (CLICK HERE FOR LINK).

Christina joins us this week sharing her professional knowledge but also drawing from personal experience. Christina is German and brought up two daughters bilingual!

As Hendrik and I embark on this journey with A, I ask her ALL the questions;

Is it harder for babies to learn two languages? 

What are the recommendations?

Can both parents go between languages?

Methods to increase exposure to the minority language.

Best ways to increase vocabulary. 

If parents are both English or one language, can another language be taught at a young age?

Starting to write French. 

Is it true that children speech is delayed when bringing them up bilingual?

And so much more as always!

This week also marks episode 8 of a 10 part series! But do not fear we are of course back for Series 6! What would you like to hear? DM me at mumtalkpodcast instagram or email me at 

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Tune in next week for all things children and allergies! 

Emma Xx