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Mum Talk

Oct 9, 2019

You have me this week! Like the good old days, having a real natter away on all things life with A!

I try to get through as much as I can, honestly I could have gone on for a lot longer and there was a LOT more I wanted to cover but A woke up so I’ll have to save it for the end of the series! Below covers some of what I touch on;


Billingual chat 



Car seats


Baby proofing



Mum guilt 

Lots of questions and possibly one of my favourite questions of all time for Hendrik; ‘what should we as mums know about being a new dad’

And of course SO much more. 

As you guys know Series 5 is supported by @bugaboostrollers. You’ll notice a change in interlude today, all about their newly launched car seat the #BugabooTurtle by Nuna; very fitting as I am chatting a little about car seats (we need the next group up). Make sure you listen closely to the interlude and right to the end of the podcast! Be sure to head to for the full Bugaboo range.


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Tune in next week for a fab chat with a UK Midwife giving us insight into what we can expect from pre and post natal care.